I've been spending some time living in London this year and I've shot for some unique clients that I haven't really experienced in the U.S. One client, probably not even 18 years old, hired me to shoot some photos of her and her date for prom. What I originally thought was going to be photos at the prom was actually just some portrait shots before the prom. I recently purchased a wireless radio trigger for my speedlite and have been pleased with the results. I usually stay away from 3rd party accessories but I've had good luck with my Yongnuo radio triggers for years and I figured this would be a nice little upgrade. Knowing that this was a run-n-gun kind of job, I couldn't exactly bring my strobe and umbrella set-up, so instead I mounted my speedlite with my MagMod diffuser on a stand and fired away. The client enjoyed the pictures but I wish her date would've smiled - or at least put down his phone!